The reason Upward Spiral exists is pretty simple.

We love coffee, and we want everyone to enjoy their coffee more.

It doesn't matter if you drink instant or have an expensive espresso machine in your kitchen, we want to share the journey of exploring and enjoying the wide world of coffee.

Exploring the different origins, processing methods and varietals is seriously enjoyable. Thats why we are constantly getting new season coffees.

Modern (also known as 3rd Wave) coffee roasting is all about showcasing the character of each individual coffee. Roasting is lighter, to prevent any burnt flavours, whilst being careful to develop the flavours of the whole bean. 

After years of home roasting and then training with (we think) Australia's top roasting consultant Anne Cooper, Upward Spiral is ready to serve our town with freshly roasted specialty coffee.

Get in touch! We want to share or help you get the best out of your coffee!